The Pilot Shoppe

Visit our store just directly in front of the San Antonio International Airport, minutes from the Airport Post Office, on Sandau Road that converts from Rhapsody Road, north of 281 North. Established since 1986. We are more than a mere Shoppe.


The Pilot Shoppe

600 Sandau Road, Suite 100

San Antonio, Texas 78216

Call Us : (210) 524-9525

E- Mail - Info@ThePilotShoppe.Com



Mon - Fri (10:00 am - 6:00 pm)

Sat - Sun (Closed)

Personal Accessories

We sell numerous personal, collectives, among other accessories related to pilot concepts. Come on in and take a tour for yourself. You'll be amazed at what we have in store.

Computer Assisted Testing Services

The Pilot Shoppe is an FAA airmen Knowledge testing center. We administer all of the pilot rating tests as well as the aviation mechanics knowledge tests. The test are $160.00

Testing is done by appointment during the following times.


Aviation Books

The Pilot Shoppe has a large selection of books for the pilots, mechanics and even kids We carry Jeppesen books and a complete line of ASA and Glein books. The books include aviation text books , knowledge test books , training books , novels, practical test preps weather books , oral test guides and more .

Aeronautical Maps

The Pilot Shoppe maintains the current edition of the following US charts

  • Sectional Charts

  • Airport Facility Directories

  • Low Enroute Charts

  • Approach Plate Procedures

  • Terminal Area Charts

  • Planning Maps

  • Mexico Low

  • Enroute Charts


The Pilot Shoppe is a dealer for the following brand of headsets

LIGHTSPEED - These are all ANR (active noise reduction) headsets . We carry all models . They are available in general aviation , helicopter or LEMO connections

DAVID CLARK - These are a variety if active and passive headsets

TELEX - Lightweight ANR and passive headsets , we carry the Airman 850 and the Airman 750

ASA - The HS-1 is a full ear cover passive headsets that is great for student pilot Of extra passenger headsets . This headset is priced low and has a LIFETIME WARRANTY .

The Pilot Shoppe carries replacement ear cushions , mic muffs and adapters for the headsets we sell .

Pilot Supplies

The Pilot Shoppe carries an assorted of the following gears for the pilots :

  • Plotters

  • E6B Flight Computers

  • Pilot Logbooks

  • Logbooks Covers

  • Kneeboards

  • Navigation Logs

  • Flight Bags

  • Headsets Bags

  • Flashlights

  • IFR Training Hoods

  • Windsocks

  • Binders

  • Chart Covers

  • Timers

  • Crew Tags

  • Transceivers

  • GPS Receivers

Aircraft Supplies

To help maintain your aircraft, The Pilot Shoppe carries the following items :

  • Wash Wax Cleaning Products

  • Fuel Testers

  • Fuel Gauges

  • Pitot Tube Covers

  • Wheel Chocks Tire Gauges

  • Fuel Spouts

  • GATS Jars

  • Yoke Mounts

  • Aircraft Checklist

  • Sic Sacs Ozium

  • Travel Johns

  • Aircraft, Engine , Avionics and Prop Logbooks

A-2 Leather Jackets

The Pilot Shoppe carries the following clothing

  • G- Leather Jackets

  • MA-1 Nylon Jackets

  • Aviator Shirts

  • Epaulets

  • Neckties

  • Crew Sweaters

  • T-shirts

  • Sunglasses

  • Nomex Gloves

  • Wing Pins

Aeronautical Maps

  • Large Wooden Props Clocks

  • Metal Humuros Sign

  • T-Shirts

  • Hats

  • Posters

  • Keychains

  • Coffee Mugs

  • Toy Airplanes

  • Computer Hardware Yokes and Pedals

  • Stuffed Animals

  • Bumper Stickers

  • Kid’s Flight Jackets

  • Door Mats