FAA Airman Knowledge Exams

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) provides, promotes, and approves a wide range of training and testing opportunities to everyone interested in aviation. Training and testing are key parts of the FAA’s safety mission.

At Bergstrom Aircraft we strive to make every step in the process of getting your license as easy as possible. We can offer you everything in-house. With two certified CATS Testing Proctors on staff, we can help you with any questions you may have. Our quiet classroom is available for testing by appointment. Please call the office to schedule your exam today.

To schedule a testing appointment, please click HERE.

We offer FAA testing for:

 Instrument Pilot

✓ Parachute Rigger

✓ Instructor: Flight, Ground, & Sport Pilot

✓ Airline Transport Pilot

✓ Inspection Authorization

✓ Flight Engineer

✓ Aviation Maintenance Technician: Airframe, General, & Powerplant

✓ Commercial Pilot & Military Competence

✓ Recreational Pilot & Private Pilot

✓ Sport Pilot ✓ Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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When you come to take your test it’s good to be prepared. You will need to bring a calculator, flight computer, plotter, AOPA membership card (if you have one) and Driver’s License for U.S. Citizenship. If your current physical address doesn’t match what your driver’s license says, you need to also bring in a piece of mail with the correct address. If you’re not a U.S. Citizen you need to bring in your passport and an option of a secondary form of identification. As for the FAA testing supplement, writing utensils, and scratch paper we will provide that.

The cost of the exam is $175.00

Please provide the contact name and information of :

Janet Shires

President, Business Operations

600 Sandau Road, Suite 100

San Antonio, Texas 78216

Business #: (210) 524-9525

Business Email: Info@ThePilotShoppe.Com

Alternate Contact Email: PilotShop@Aol.Com